Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 15

This arrived in the morning. I have been receiving organic vegetables, fruits and eggs for some months now. Today the man that kindly brings my baskets upstairs to the apartment said: It's REALLY heavy today. I almost replied: of course, now I am on the third week of PCP!!!
But I can't speak German that early.

Even though I have plenty of food I haven't been able to eat everything I should today. I had to finish a complex ring and deliver it, so my mind was not on the snack, then lunch was very late and now I am waiting to digest so I can jump and do the workout without gastric incidents.
I can't have the afternoon snack, not only because it's late but because there is no room in my stomach.... and then comes dinner... and then snack... the amount of daily food to be consumed is freaking me out again! And the extra egg whites for snack... oh, Patrick, I know you know what you're doing, but what are these little egg whites for? Is it an extra endurance trial? Is it because you know I tend to ignore snack? And... how do you eat an egg white without salt?

Well, I will go jump and will get hungry, I will go jump and will get hungry, I will go jump and will get hungry, I will go jump and will get hungry, I will go jump and will get hungry..........


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 10: a review

This morning I stood on the balance and ....2 kilos are gone.
I also took my picture. I don't think you can see a transformation but the important thing is that there is a big change.

I had never been able to make any physical activity for 10 days in a row. There was always an excuse to stop for a day or just because it was the weekend or it was raining, etc.

My muscles hurt and feel already stronger. This is such a good sensation. When my body is strong and awake I feel happier, I think faster, it's a pleasure to think about what to wear.

Even though eating as much as I should these days has been truly hard, there is something liberating in that. Like relaxing a part of me. And also feels like eating for a cause, not just because I am hungry (which I haven't been in 3 days) but because we are doing something with this food for this body.

I might be getting faster at writing in English.

Now I want to begin my practice of Yoga. I will need to organize my time better. There is a lot of vegetables to cut and eat, a workout, a yoga session and normal life...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 8

Today we begin with a new workout and a new diet specific for everyone and let me tell you that I am freaking out.
I have never eaten so much in my life. My breakfast this morning looked like my habitual breakfast and lunch together. When I was preparing the food I double checked to see if I had copied the amount of food I had to eat correctly. Calculating the amount of yogurt and meat I will have to eat the next days made me really nervous. I know we need a lot of protein for the work we will be doing but I have never eaten that much.

I couldn't finish lunch which was a late one and I could't eat dinner, there was simply no room in my stomach, but after the training I had yogurt and fruit.
Tomorrow I will try to have a better schedule for meals to be able to eat them all and the snacks in between.

When I did the training today I understood that things are going to get tough. Today there was sweat. Happy to report that my push-ups are improving.
This is the way I did the incline pull-ups. Only that my husband has to stand on the chairs so they don't collapse over me because they are not heavy enough.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 7: Last Meal

Not a very sophisticated choice for a last meal before the diet begins but I know my weaknesses. I will be crying for french fries. This were not fried. Baked in the oven served with ajvar, a paprika eggplant sauce traditional from Turkey and the Balkans, and a cucumber salad.
It was delicious!

Now, the training... I wanted to jump but my legs did not. Particularly after the first set of 100.
I ended up dividing the 500 in short sets of 30 or 20.

I am very excited to see what comes next.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 5 and 6

Yesterday I went to talk to my neighbors about the jumping issue. They were not mad at all and suggested I can use the basement party/pantry room to jump. A nice solution but it's going to be a big temptation to see all those bottles of beer around...

The sets of 70 jumps were quite hard. This time I felt my muscles getting very hard and hot immediately.
Squats were ok, push-ups.... fun and abs were harder to do.

I haven't felt hungry since the beginning of the project. Sometimes I even wonder if I am eating less than the half portions and I get satisfied exactly one bite before my plate is empty.
Probably my body is just happy that I give it a brake from all that food during vacations and holidays.

Day 6

What I did notice today is that I didn't have much energy. I had to take a nap after lunch and my day was slow and heavy. Could it be the diet change? Or rather a hang over from 3 glasses of wine?
The food:
Apart from the delicious food that my husband cooked today, I decided to eat half a chocolate cupcake, just to do it and kill the craving that was beginning to lurk. I also unsubscribed from most of the food blogs in my reader. I don't want to see photos of cakes and lasagnas during this time.
The workout:
Jumping is getting harder. Today I felt my thighs and calves complain right after the first set.
It was also difficult to concentrate during the rest intervals. My mind was wandering.

Ok, here is my photo. Please understand that I hate most of the pictures I am in so this is a big step to humble my ego.

Monday, January 18, 2010

day 4

Sometimes I forget about time and don't look at the clock. Well, today I began training at 9 pm and of course my lovely neighbors came up to see what was going on.
Too sad because I was enjoying the jumping.
Maybe it's better to go outside the building to jump and hope I don't disturb people when I have to jump inside because it is snowing or raining.

The extra set of push-ups of today was very hard. I still do them on my knees. When will I be able to them on the tip of my toes?

Most of my fellow PCPers have posted their first day photos but I don't dare. I begin to feel like a coward.

Today I have been very unorganized with my time and food. Very late breakfast, lunch at 4 pm and only now at 9:40 I will begin thinking about dinner.
Yes, it's time to eat. A little head ache tells me to do so.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 3

I am about to do my training. I enjoy excercising at night but probably it will be better to do it first thing in the morning so that way nothing can come between my rope jumping and me.
The whole day I have walked funny because my calves hurt from jumping, but the left one hurts more. Is that normal?

Yesterday was a pleasure to train. Jumping is fun and really gets your heart in motion. What is really difficult for me are the push ups. I do them on my knees and I'm not sure if I am doing them right. A mirror could be useful.
Like some of my fellow PCPers I have slept good and heavy, which means I have energy in the morning. And energy is what I need the most.

I haven't felt hungry until now. Having to measure half portions of my normal diet is very strange because instead of seeing a very empty plate, it makes me wonder if it is a little too full. Maybe I served a bit more than I should.
Paying attention on the excess rather than on the lack of things is a powerful trick. Something that could be applied to other aspects of one's life.

So, here is the menu so far today:

Brunch: 1 bowl of beans, chickpeas and lentils with brown rice, tomato-onion salsa Colombian style, one fried egg and a dash of hot smoked paprika.
Many cups of black coffee.
Snack: a quarter of slice of apricot bread and a half bowl of bean stew left from the brunch.

Plans for dinner: home made pizza with extra thin crust, mozzarella and mushrooms. A glass of wine.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 1

After months of thinking about signing for this project, doubting if I would be consistent enough to do it or if I wouldn't be too ashamed to show the process on the web, day one has come and gone.
And it was was a success!

But let me take you back to last night when I was floating in the warm mineral waters of an old thermal bath of Budapest. It could have been a scene from centuries ago, mosaics on the wall, fountains, vapor and women of all shapes and ages like versions of venus enjoying the water. Then I felt so happy for also being a variation of venus, for having this body that has taken me to so many places and that has recovered from illness and party. There I said I will honor this body and made of that bath the first ritual of a 90 day passage. Into what? Into a lighter, more energetic, flexible, alive and loving woman.

As you see, I need to use my imagination a lot!

Today I got back to Germany and although I was tired the training was fun, specially rope jumping.
What I found most difficult was to eat half the amount I usually do. Last week was my vacation and it was about heavy hungarian specialties, bohemian cakes, fantastic wines and walking the whole day so my appetite has increased. Sorry about the image I just installed in your brain!!

Well let's see what happens tomorrow. I want to say hi to my fellow PCPers again. It's cool to see your photos and read your journals. Good luck to all of you. We will make a great team.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Here We GO!

This is where Lili will get in awesome shape.