Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 8

Today we begin with a new workout and a new diet specific for everyone and let me tell you that I am freaking out.
I have never eaten so much in my life. My breakfast this morning looked like my habitual breakfast and lunch together. When I was preparing the food I double checked to see if I had copied the amount of food I had to eat correctly. Calculating the amount of yogurt and meat I will have to eat the next days made me really nervous. I know we need a lot of protein for the work we will be doing but I have never eaten that much.

I couldn't finish lunch which was a late one and I could't eat dinner, there was simply no room in my stomach, but after the training I had yogurt and fruit.
Tomorrow I will try to have a better schedule for meals to be able to eat them all and the snacks in between.

When I did the training today I understood that things are going to get tough. Today there was sweat. Happy to report that my push-ups are improving.
This is the way I did the incline pull-ups. Only that my husband has to stand on the chairs so they don't collapse over me because they are not heavy enough.


  1. Eat eat eat Lili, the full feeling you have will go away quickly, because what you are eating is mostly water. Keep eating!

  2. Lili, your solution to the incline pull-ups is inspired.

  3. Yes, like the pull up solution. Great idea

  4. If you get a longer bar and turn the chairs the other way you won't need any extra weight.