Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 5 and 6

Yesterday I went to talk to my neighbors about the jumping issue. They were not mad at all and suggested I can use the basement party/pantry room to jump. A nice solution but it's going to be a big temptation to see all those bottles of beer around...

The sets of 70 jumps were quite hard. This time I felt my muscles getting very hard and hot immediately.
Squats were ok, push-ups.... fun and abs were harder to do.

I haven't felt hungry since the beginning of the project. Sometimes I even wonder if I am eating less than the half portions and I get satisfied exactly one bite before my plate is empty.
Probably my body is just happy that I give it a brake from all that food during vacations and holidays.

Day 6

What I did notice today is that I didn't have much energy. I had to take a nap after lunch and my day was slow and heavy. Could it be the diet change? Or rather a hang over from 3 glasses of wine?
The food:
Apart from the delicious food that my husband cooked today, I decided to eat half a chocolate cupcake, just to do it and kill the craving that was beginning to lurk. I also unsubscribed from most of the food blogs in my reader. I don't want to see photos of cakes and lasagnas during this time.
The workout:
Jumping is getting harder. Today I felt my thighs and calves complain right after the first set.
It was also difficult to concentrate during the rest intervals. My mind was wandering.

Ok, here is my photo. Please understand that I hate most of the pictures I am in so this is a big step to humble my ego.


  1. Nice idea to unsubscribe to food blogs for a while. You'll build up some mental armor in the next few weeks and you can safely resubscribe in a few weeks!

  2. Hi Lili, I think you look great in your photo! Keep it up!