Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 1

After months of thinking about signing for this project, doubting if I would be consistent enough to do it or if I wouldn't be too ashamed to show the process on the web, day one has come and gone.
And it was was a success!

But let me take you back to last night when I was floating in the warm mineral waters of an old thermal bath of Budapest. It could have been a scene from centuries ago, mosaics on the wall, fountains, vapor and women of all shapes and ages like versions of venus enjoying the water. Then I felt so happy for also being a variation of venus, for having this body that has taken me to so many places and that has recovered from illness and party. There I said I will honor this body and made of that bath the first ritual of a 90 day passage. Into what? Into a lighter, more energetic, flexible, alive and loving woman.

As you see, I need to use my imagination a lot!

Today I got back to Germany and although I was tired the training was fun, specially rope jumping.
What I found most difficult was to eat half the amount I usually do. Last week was my vacation and it was about heavy hungarian specialties, bohemian cakes, fantastic wines and walking the whole day so my appetite has increased. Sorry about the image I just installed in your brain!!

Well let's see what happens tomorrow. I want to say hi to my fellow PCPers again. It's cool to see your photos and read your journals. Good luck to all of you. We will make a great team.


  1. Hi Lili

    Budapest sounds great, I've been wanting to visit for a while! I've even got a guide book on my book shelf. What a great start to the PCP!

    Maybe you could end it with a luxury getaway too! That would be something (other than a great new body) to look forward to!

  2. Hi Naomi,

    A luxury getaway is a great idea. I also thought about monthly rewards!!

    Budapest is really a beautiful place. So if you decide to go I could give you some tips from my own visit.

  3. Welcome Lili!

    Spa days is a fabulous reward! I loved every single one I had while on the program. Use that imagination!