Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 10: a review

This morning I stood on the balance and ....2 kilos are gone.
I also took my picture. I don't think you can see a transformation but the important thing is that there is a big change.

I had never been able to make any physical activity for 10 days in a row. There was always an excuse to stop for a day or just because it was the weekend or it was raining, etc.

My muscles hurt and feel already stronger. This is such a good sensation. When my body is strong and awake I feel happier, I think faster, it's a pleasure to think about what to wear.

Even though eating as much as I should these days has been truly hard, there is something liberating in that. Like relaxing a part of me. And also feels like eating for a cause, not just because I am hungry (which I haven't been in 3 days) but because we are doing something with this food for this body.

I might be getting faster at writing in English.

Now I want to begin my practice of Yoga. I will need to organize my time better. There is a lot of vegetables to cut and eat, a workout, a yoga session and normal life...


  1. Ah, you're beginning to see the light! Keep eating!

  2. Hey - congratulations on the 2 kilos! But more importantly on the good vibe it's spreading - to your wardrobe, to your brain and to your day!

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