Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 3

I am about to do my training. I enjoy excercising at night but probably it will be better to do it first thing in the morning so that way nothing can come between my rope jumping and me.
The whole day I have walked funny because my calves hurt from jumping, but the left one hurts more. Is that normal?

Yesterday was a pleasure to train. Jumping is fun and really gets your heart in motion. What is really difficult for me are the push ups. I do them on my knees and I'm not sure if I am doing them right. A mirror could be useful.
Like some of my fellow PCPers I have slept good and heavy, which means I have energy in the morning. And energy is what I need the most.

I haven't felt hungry until now. Having to measure half portions of my normal diet is very strange because instead of seeing a very empty plate, it makes me wonder if it is a little too full. Maybe I served a bit more than I should.
Paying attention on the excess rather than on the lack of things is a powerful trick. Something that could be applied to other aspects of one's life.

So, here is the menu so far today:

Brunch: 1 bowl of beans, chickpeas and lentils with brown rice, tomato-onion salsa Colombian style, one fried egg and a dash of hot smoked paprika.
Many cups of black coffee.
Snack: a quarter of slice of apricot bread and a half bowl of bean stew left from the brunch.

Plans for dinner: home made pizza with extra thin crust, mozzarella and mushrooms. A glass of wine.


  1. Your food sounds pretty good, Lili. Except the mushrooms. Anything except mushrooms. Looking forward to our new diets next week. I'm a decent cook, if unimaginative, so anything that can help me to eat healthier is good.

    About one side of your body hurting more than the other: I believe most of us have a dominant side that we use more. It may be that you hurt slightly more in your less dominant side? If you are right handed, perhaps it's your left calf...

  2. Nickety,

    Yes, I am right handed. And I also notice that my left arm hurts more than the right.

  3. This is interesting--my right calf/shin is where I feel more pain, but I'm right-handed. My left leg is my dominant leg for stability, though (when I throw kicks, I prefer to do so standing on my left leg)... so I'm wondering if maybe that's why I've got some additional pain in the right side, which I would have thought of as my dominant side.