Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 83

Dear readers of this blog, do you realize there are only 7 days of PCP left for me?

At this point, maybe since day 75, I have been feeling tempted to slow down and take it easy because I have already achieved a lot. Like when you are running and you begin to decrease the rhythm to cool down. But today it has occurred to me that cool down time is after day 90 so here I go. With power for the last week.

Exercises are still hard to do. More repetitions and more sets leave my muscles numb and sore but strong. There is everyday this moment before exercising when I think: "I want to go and read instead" or "I will skip these evil chest deeps". Or the second before jumping in the morning when I search for a reason not to do it: too cold, too breezy, the cafe smells too good, I'm tired, I could sleep a little longer and so on. And then something inside me says: "hey, it's just 15 minutes of jumping and you will feel great afterwards" or "only one set, then you will see if you can do another one". Those are the games my mind play, even on day 83. The difference lately is that the voice pushing me to action speaks louder and has more and more reasons to convince me. PCP trains your muscles, your stomach and your mind.

So, here it goes again: You Tube or push-ups? 5 more minutes of computer and push-ups!


  1. Isn't it great to listen to your body whine and complain, and still do it anyway? Makes you feel like you have more control over all aspects of your life!

  2. You're awesome for doing the morning jumps! Looking great already!!