Sunday, April 4, 2010

Third indulgence

Last Thursday I had my indulgence, and since then I've been recovering from it. I had a Schnitzel with fried potatoes, salad and wine. There was some mayonnaise, too. I wanted something crispy, salty, warm and a big glass of red wine.

We could have gone to the local restaurant for this very German treat but for the price you pay for a single glass of wine you can buy a good bottle and drink it in the comfort of your house and besides, Pablo makes the best Schnitzels. Now, I can make really good baked, crunchy potatoes but I wanted the junk version, the fries that only reused oil and a skilled employee can produce. So, while Pablo was making the Schnitzels I went to the Greek take-away around the corner for a portion of french fries.

The Schnitzel was very good. The fries a little disappointing because they were not crunchy anymore (I was the only client in the take-away so when I got home the Schnitzel was not ready). But I don't know. Something has changed. I couldn't experience the usual pleasure this menu used to produce. The taste was good but maybe I was too aware of the huge amount of oil needed to prepare this. At some point I felt I was drinking oil. Fried potatoes HAVE to be hot and crispy, they have to!. I was wondering if I should be doing this to my body after so much rope jumping and muscle soreness, was it necessary to be drinking oil?
After lunch I felt like all the food was stuck in the upper part of my stomach, my eyes began to close, I felt tired, dizzy, heavy. I hadn't slept well the night before but I think it was mostly the effect of the food. I fell asleep for several hours. My skin began to itch in some places and this morning I found little zits there.

I'm not in love with Schnitzel and fries anymore. It's too much. It smells great and the first bites are good but the after effects are boring. I lost energy, my skin is sad.
I adore my steamed vegetables in all their clean flavor and great after effects. 


  1. Palate transformation COMPLETE!

  2. Boring is the perfect word. Good for you! You look awesome!