Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 76

These past days have been strange.  I have been jumping in the mornings and I like to jump barefoot. I've been working out late, but it's not night any more, so I have to keep an eye on the watch because I'm used to wait for darkness to begin exercising. I feel this incredible speed inside me during the day and sometimes it gets me in trouble with my loved people because I can't control this energy and intensity yet. It's like a fury inside me awaking from a long dream. But I like this a lot. I needed this volcanic eruption.

Now, the exercises... I wake up sore everyday. I even feel my arms complaining when I jump rope, but I don't seem to get bigger muscles. More sets and reps leave me cursing really loud. I still need to get stronger because I'm not able to do many push-ups and not even one pull-up. I love-hate the exercises.

This afternoon I will be deciding what to have tomorrow for the last indulgence. Will it be milanesa parmigiana or Schnitzel with fried potatoes? 

Meanwhile look at this back. 


  1. Looking fabulous, and you say you can't see muscle growth?

  2. Amazing!!! Strong and beautiful!

    My shoulders are so tight...I've been doing long, deep stretches before bed.

  3. Wicked! You look awesome! I too have been waking up sore. Sigh.

  4. Quit a view! A ghost of Christmas future!

  5. If I could get that ripped then I would call it 100% PCP success!