Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 60

Only 30 days left to finish PCP. An idea that fills me with joy and anxiety. Joy because there's nothing better than finishing something that you really wanted to accomplish, specially if it has been difficult, see what happens next. Anxiety because I know this last month is going to fly and there's still so much to improve.

I need to concentrate more and do it better at work out sessions. I also need to pay more attention to food. There is a part of me that doesn't want to eat so much any more, that is tired of cooking and stopping work or talk or nap for a snack. This part of me doesn't even bother anymore about taste or salt or texture. I need to hang on, follow the instructions for the week, remember how short time is.

After Patrick's post about intensity and duration of the work out I did my exercises last night thinking about that, having everything prepared before hand and counting the resting seconds. It took me 50 minutes without jumping (I do it in the morning). The quick pace is refreshing after a week of not being present in my body while exercising. Timing the session makes it a double challenge and much more fun. It's incredible the difference between 20 seconds of pause and 20 seconds of planks!

I hope to be able to post my photos tomorrow. I'm having troubles with the light and the model is having really bad hair days ;)


  1. It is an amazing difference what 20 seconds of rest feel like compared to 20 seconds in plank isn't it? I swear the seconds move differently when I'm holding plank than they do any other time!

    Congratulations on making it through 60 days, and keep up the great work for the next 30. You're right, I'm sure they will fly by, and we'll all have further to go on our journeys when it's over. But what a great foundation we'll have thanks to Patrick & all of our PCP knowledge & habits!

  2. 50 minutes is a great finish time. Try to keep it around that time and you'll see results!

  3. Hey! show us the bad hair days! :) Hang in there!

  4. I like your photo...there's so much we can do with our yolks. They make good hair conditioner, if you mix them with olive oil!

    I'm anxious about the 60 day mark, much more work to do!