Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Day 53, a balance

Since Friday I have been feeling strong. It doesn't mean that the exercises are easy to do, on the contrary, 5 sets of some of them leave my muscles shaking.
I'm jumping in the morning most of the days. It's not yet an automatic action. My plan is to turn the jumping into a normal morning step and continue doing it after day 91. I love how I feel after jumping. I become fast and alert and I achieve more in the morning.

This week's diet has been good. At breakfast I'm very hungry and I don't have trouble  finishing it anymore.
My favorite breakfast is an egg sandwich, a fish or chicken sandwich  and raw sticks of veggies. Lunch is usually enough and dinner is fine: some protein and vegetables. I don't like to go to sleep with a full stomach.

As Shivani mentioned I have also noticed some changes that could be considered a bit masculine.  Like  a line that appears  all along my chest when I do some exercises; but it's not visible after I cool down. I'm developing a strong trapezius muscle which I don't find particularly pretty and my back is turning into a v shape, but nothing exaggerated, on the contrary, that and the nice form my shoulders are getting make me look better proportioned in relation to my hips. I also was scared that my legs would become bulky with all those squats but it hasn't happened. 
I would say that most of the exercises we do must be easier for men, but I also think that they are very effective for women as well. Not only because it's a chance to use muscles that we normally don't pay attention to, but because they really create the muscles that we can later continue to shape the way we want.
It's very cool to know that you can rely on your triceps or your back muscles if you need to.

The transformations that I like the most are: 
My calves: they are getting rounder and strong, they look much better now. 
Shoulders and arms: some lines defining the muscles.
My back: feeling stronger. I think I have a better posture.
My abs: they are beginning to show.
My thighs: getting leaner. There is a line almost complete on the outer side from the knee to the hip.

What I would like to see by the end of the project:
Not even a little bit of bat wings
A stronger leaner low back
A smaller waist
Really lean gluteus, I know they will still be sexy.
That outer line on my thighs complete, which means getting rid of the stubborn fat around the hips.
Yes, still a lot of work!!


  1. Lili, you look great and you do look in proportion.

    Some of the exercises may be easier for the guys, but then we also carry more weight, so I hope it evens out.

    Besides a wish for less 'bat wings' (we call them bingo wings in the UK because you tend to see a lot of them in bingo halls!), I have almost the same wish list as you do. Interesting...

  2. PCP exercises simply target all the major muscle groups, without reference to sex, race, or religion!

    Also, remember that when you're "pumped" the muscle will grow up to three times its size, so don't get freaked out, no one will see you like that. And the net effect is that when you're just walking around with a cooled down body you'll look toned, fit and extremely healthy!