Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 65

Are you also breathing the spring air? Since yesterday windows are open around here and I'm enjoying the mornings jumping in the balcony. Yesterday I was about to finish a 5 minutes set when a huge bird came flying over the roofs and landed at the neighbor's. It was a majestic crane. After months of jumping in a basement this is pure pleasure. The air, the trees and  the birds singing.

The other day I was reading a post in Abby's blog which led me to this page. If you need some inspiration for new ways of jumping take a look at their excellent videos. And admire the man's zero-fat body! I'm seriously thinking about getting this jump rope as a treat for being so committed to jumping. My actual jump rope is fine but I notice that the wind interferes with the rhythm of my jumping and that I need more speed.

I'm making a big progress in the jumping. I'm getting used to do it first thing in the morning and I like it a lot, even though it's still hard to move the body that early. But on the diet and the exercises I feel a little low.
It's not that I want to eat other stuff, not at all. It's that sometimes I feel that I've had enough animal protein, egg whites and yogurt for a whole year. It's also that these days inspiration has returned and the only thing I want to do is being at my studio and only leave when the muses leave. You know you can't tell them to wait a moment while you make lunch.
I know I have to eat. I know that by now I should be used to cooking and be organized but I'm not. Not always. I also know that there's only a little PCP time left.

About the exercises: they are getting tougher each week and I'm trying to do them the best I can, muscle failure and all but I don't see new results on my body. My weight remains the same but the results in terms of definition have been very slow these past two weeks. And there's only a little time left!!
Is this a plateau or am I doing something wrong? Will I achieve my goals in the time left? Why is this hip fat so stubborn?

Remember these:

They still haunt me. So I had to buy prunes to calm the chocolate craving. One or two are enough and they even give me a little head ache.


  1. That is a really interesting rope! Chocolate vs prunes! I'm glad the prunes won.....this time at least. You'll be able to eat the chocolate soon enough!

  2. Soon, Lili, soon, you and the truffles will be reunited. Enjoy the lovely weather!

  3. You're probably expecting too much change week to week. As we get to the end here, your body simply can't make the huge gains it made in the beginning. This just means you're nearing the PEAK!