Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 70

I don't know if it's because of the blue sky or because it's day 70 but today I feel so happy. I'm trying to remember all the exercise, jumps and food that have been necessary to get to this point and I almost can't believe that I am this woman who has been able to do all that. Or that I am this woman in the pictures with nice abs and a stronger back.

These days I'm paying attention to how this new body feels. How is it to have strong and heavier legs, how do I walk now, the shape of my shoulders and how bigger they make me feel, how my posture has changed, the way I move around and move things around. This is a nice exercise to do since you are the person changing by bits everyday and it's easy to overlook your new condition.

There's another aspect of these 70 days that thrills me: the knowledge that you can understand how your body works and act accordingly to change and improve it. That's why I specially look forward to Patrick's mails explaining how food and body work.
Unfortunately that's something they don't teach you at school. Imagine a so auto-defined intelligent species that knows nothing about it's own physiology.
I want to learn much more and also study about female bodies and cycles.

Well, I have already jumped, it's sunny and I'm ready to enjoy our exercise free day. Can't wait to see what happens in the last 20 days.


  1. Yes, most people can go into great detail about how something they're interested in works, but have no idea how THEY work.

  2. Looking great Lili! Isn't it great to feel stronger?

  3. Congratulations, Lili! I also feel like there is so much more to learn about our bodies and how to keep them as healthy as possible. You look amazing and seem to be "peaking"!