Monday, March 8, 2010

Indulgence 2

This time I decided to go for something that wouldn't give me a headache. Or so I thought.
Whole-wheat baguette with butter, prosciutto  and  serrano ham slices, some potato chips and a glass of hungarian wine (all right, two glasses!).
Very good. Just the bread with butter was delicious. I enjoyed this meal a lot. The texture of the ham, that dangerous white stripe of pure fat, the ethereal crunchiness of the chips.  

The flavours were so intense that I had to eat slowly, the salt began to scrape my palate and I couldn't eat as many chips as I intended. Suddenly, it was too much. I planned to drink only one glass of wine sipping it slowly to make it last for  the whole meal. But then I really wanted another glass. 
It felt good when I said no to the third. It was enough by then, it was still wine, not just alcohol.

What happened next is that I got very thirsty. I needed to drink a lot of water. I didn't get drunk, I skipped that phase and had hung over instead. Heavy and with a little head ache. My pee smelled salty.

Next day I woke up with a very familiar sensation. The way I used to wake up sometimes before PCP, when I have had a party or a very rich meal. Something very different than waking up relaxed and clear headed.

In conclusion, it was delicious. I appreciated what I ate and enjoyed rediscovering this flavors but their heavy amount of salt and fat require a big effort for the body to recover.
I was disappointed with myself because I thought I would be able to control the quantities better and only drink one glass of wine. Instead I let myself go. Which makes me fear of day 91. If it was tomorrow I would be too tempted to have more than enough of this kind of food.

It was made clear that a clean simple diet makes me feel good when  I wake up and during the day.


  1. I'm with you Lili; what happens on day 91 is scary. But I think that finding out your feel better without those foods is part of the process of learning how to look after yourself.

    Glad you enjoyed your indulgence, if not the effects!

  2. On the other hand, perhaps you'll have grown so attached to how you feel in the morning that indulging yourself will have lost some appeal ...

    Hmmm. Chagrined I didn't think of butter as a part of my indulgence ...

  3. prosciutto is a beautiful thing

  4. Delish! I told myself I would stop at one glass of wine, too...didn't happen. Did you miss vegetables?

  5. Shivani, I missed vegetables. They could have been a good flavor contrast. Next time we'd better buy the little bottle....!!!