Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 47

This afternoon while jumping I was thinking: After this 100 jumps, there will be 100 more and then 100 more and so on. Then, I will have completed 1500. Tomorrow I will wake up and there will be 1500 more and the next day and the next. Like a labour that is never finished. Like the poor man with the rock and the mountain.  Then I had to stop thinking like that.

It's so good that the human mind is able to switch to "live at the moment" or "tomorrow doesn't exist" mode.

It's also good that rope jumping is not pushing a rock, that there is a reason behind it.

If I could make a wish today it would be that I learn to like jumping, every day, even after PCP. That it would become natural to push myself like that everyday.

I guess the body and the mind have just realized that this training is far from over.

The kung fu sit-ups are fun but I balance a lot. Is it because I have a trapeze/pull-up bar? 

Tonight everything hurts. I walk funny.


  1. You sound like the kind of person who'll dig timed jumpropes. Coming right up!

  2. Ah, you means Sisyphus, Lili? I've started jumping in blocks of 400 done in counts of 40: 40, 80, 120, 160 etc, all the way to 400.

  3. Yes, Nickety, the old Sisyphus. Apart from the frustration he must have had pretty powerful muscles from doing that labour.
    So happy that PCP is not frustrating.