Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day 86

I will tell you a secret. The reason why I can jump first thing in the morning is because when the sets of jumps are done a big cappuccino is waiting for me. Millions of micro spheres of milk, dark coffee and cinnamon that Pablo prepare for me in recognition for standing outside in any kind of weather and move my body against gravity. 

Yesterday's training was hard but it passed very quickly. Patrick is right when he says getting to failure in an exercise is tricky. You are used to avoid pain. You don't want pain so you stop as soon as it hurts. My objective this week: to acquire a taste for pain. This will be useful for the tattoo I'm getting.

Quinoa and brown rice are my new favorite food.  I can't wait for new fruits to be in season and I wish prepositions weren't so tricky in English!.

Have a sweet weekend!


  1. Bribery always works for me! Way to go Lili! - What and where are you getting your tattoo?

  2. That cappuccino is the most beautiful thing ever...yum.