Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 20

I think my mother will begin having vegetables for breakfast!!!
These fine zucchinis are slightly browned in a pan and sprinkled with herbs.

Today Patrick sent us a mail that hit the nail. He says we should listen to our bodies and notice if it needs to slow down.

Here is what my body is saying today: "Yes, it will be cool to jump and to do the exercises but remember that the right knee was feeling a bit funny last night and I am still tired so, what about jumping a bit slower and doing the minimum amount of reps per set?
"Ohhhh, and I would love to have a cold beer too..."

So this is how my body and me are going to workout tonight: with takeiteasy. And water!

I stood on the weigh this morning and there is a kilo more. My clothes feel bigger, though.