Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 18

In Spanish I would make a game of words using this image and the amount of eggs I eat now...

Last Sunday I took my weekly photo but I forgot to weigh myself, which shows that I am paying attention to something different than kilos. My attention is on how hard my legs are getting, or on how much does certain muscle hurt today, or on how much energy I have.

Let me begin with the energy. It seems like I have a very good day, with lots of things done, walking swiftly on the snow followed by a day that seems hard to pull: slow, inefficient, getting tired when I go outside on an errand. What is curious is that except on Sunday (but that is a psychological issue) I always seem to get a big amount of energy after rope jumping.
I wish I could have more good energy days in a row, but I know this will come.

I have also been sleeping really good. I used to have a light sleep, waking up in the morning feeling that It had been an empty experience. Since I began the PCP my sleep is heavy and long, I could sleep 10 hours, and I wake up feeling satisfied. That is really cool. From a woman's perspective there's an observation regarding sleep that I want to carry out and tell you later.

There are some changes in my body. I feel lighter in general. My belly is not so round anymore, my arms feel heavier but in a nice way and my legs are getting slowly harder from the knees up. My back also feels stronger which is invaluable when you have to sit for long hours at work.
I like these changes and the suspense of what will be transformed next. It's like seeing your body being born. This happened in The Matrix... I wonder if my sight will improve...

About the workout I can only say that I still love it. Of course the 15 minutes before its time to put on my sweat pants are complicated. But just then I hear Pablo say: Entonces qué? A hacer deporte!, which means: So what? go make some sport. This has just happened. So I am going to warm up and begin to jump. Tomorrow I will tell you more about the adventure of PCP.

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  1. Great! You'll make loads of progress when you're in the zone like this.