Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 25

There is so much going on in my PCP life. But first some photos:

This is a delicious breakfast. Just mix cooked rice with stir fried mangold and chinese cabagge, use only a teaspoon of olive oil and 3 drops of sesame oil. When the mixture is very hot add whipped eggs and mix until you get your desired consistence. Some pepper and maybe lemon.

Now, look at this morning snack:

I got tired of boiling eggs and taking the skin off so I decided to separate the whites from the yolks and prepare in batch the amount of whites I need to eat a day. Using a very good anti-adherent pan I can make a big egg white omelette and divide it in portions. No more peeling, no more cursing! This one has yogurt and gomashio on top.

And for dinner:

A bed of many many grams of fresh lettuce, some noodles and steamed shrimps with a garlic, ginger, lemon and chili sauce. A little bit of sesame oil too.

Today I was looking at my weekly photos and the change is hard to see. There are so many small details you notice every day that won't appear in those pictures. The balance, on the other hand, is noticing the change. One kilo more.

I still have a hard time eating. Specially in the morning, and then after breakfast it feels like a food marathon: snack, lunch, snack, banana, workout, snack, dinner, snack. The good thing is that now I feel hungrier, food disappears in my stomach faster and I am almost ready for the next snack. I still spend a lot of time in the kitchen but it seems like cooking is becoming a more efficient process.

On the weekend Pablo and I went to Essen (which in German means "to eat") and it was impossible to find a PCP-friendly place to eat at a student budget. Too much salt, too oily, bratwurst everywhere, never enough vegetables, too much mayonnaise... and there is not the option to have a healthy picnic in a park because the weather in this region sucks. I need to plan better for the next excursions.

About the workout: Patrick, you mean mean boy!!! Those floor jumps are pure pain. I still can't make any complete push-up. Any. Pull-ups? gravity still wins. The planks: 30 seconds never seemed so long and the v-sits made me reconsider how good I was at doing abs. (Secretly I'm loving this new trial, it will bring back the emotion to the workout.)

Of course the news about an indulgence almost made me forgive you, Patrick... almost. :)
I have a long list of seductive calorie bombs I would like to eat. But which one? It has to be THE ONE. Oh, but wait, I don't want to use the indulgence this week. My birthday is next week and it would be the cherry on top. Will I be able to wait....?


  1. Feeling hungry before your next snack means that your metabolism is on full steam now. Big changes will come soon!

  2. Your food looks amazing! Keep standing your ground with your friends -- someone from another PCP season once wrote that health can be isolating and lonely, like sickness can be.

    You will feel so good & strong that you'll be able to face the naysayers...keep it up!