Thursday, February 11, 2010

DIY Pull-up bar

Since the door frames of the apartment I rent are very fragile, installing a pull-up bar in one of them was not an option. So this is what my husband created for me:

Don't worry this is not a window. It's the door that opens into a very nice balcony. No defenestration here.

This is how it looks from inside the room. It's made of a 3/4'' x 1 m long tube, a thick rope and a pair of felt reinforcements to prevent the tube from cutting the rope.

Detail of felt reinforcements.

Reef knots from balcony's roof structure

The bar works very well, (I know it because P was able to do some pull-ups) but gets horribly cold in these winter nights. I hope I get to do my first pull-up without help soon.


  1. that is an awesome pull up bar! what a beautiful view, too!

  2. thanks, Shivani, you are very welcome to try the bar and enjoy the view in case you come to Germany.

  3. You are starting to get some killer biceps!!! Nice work

  4. That little bit of sway in the bar is fantastic for hitting all the little stabilizing muscles. Much more intense than a fixed bar.

    I did pull ups for a month on a rope bar and I could see every single striation in my shoulders for months afterwards.

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