Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 26

no need to be sour...

Today's topic in our daily PCP e-mail was something that kept bothering me this last few days: the negative feedback.

Over the weekend I encountered some negative reactions to what I am doing with my body and health. When I meet people for coffee and I don't touch the cookies or the cake I explain about PCP. I get very excited explaining how this works, what we do, what we eat but my enthusiasm collides with remarks like: "you don't need to exercise" or "this is all very nice while you are doing it but once you're finished you will go back to where you were". And then I get disappointed. At society in general. It seems like most of us are not used to encourage people when they want to change or be better or just be themselves. Or as if no one believes in the possibility of change.

Now I am trying to remember how many times have I done this to my friends, if I have discouraged them with my words or attitudes. If I have pushed friends apart from me by being negative or by reacting to their projects from my own failed attempts.

I guess getting confronted with difficult attitudes is another part of this training. Like a surprise test in which they ask you the trickiest questions, and then you go on mentally revisiting your answers for the next time, but the answers are not for them, they are for you.

It also happened to me that people in good shape, trying to be healthier get interested in your story and even want to share tips or cool places to train. Looks like we are not completely alone.

Here I want to thank my awesome husband for being such a great fan of this project and finding creative solutions for me to train, like the one I will show you tomorrow.

There. Now I feel better!


  1. You'll never go back to life the same after PCP, that's a guarantee. Good for you for seeing that all of us have this tendency to be negative, usually without realizing it. Once you know the tendency, it's easy to short-circuit it before it results in action.

  2. I find negative attitudes in the most surprising places. Dealing with one right now that has me baffled. It's all part of life's great tapestry.