Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 32, 33 and 34


Since Monday I haven't been able to jump rope. My right knee is hurting. It's not an incredible pain but something that I constantly feel there, like heat and disorder. It's hard to explain.
The treatment is ice and rest: no jumping. So instead of jumps I've been walking fast. It's very fun to walk around this little town in the night. Then I get back with a good supply of fresh air to make the rest of the work out.
I really want my knee to get better soon. I don't want to stop now, just when the results begin to show. Besides catching up with the number of jumps is not going to be fun.

About the exercises: I still can't make any pull-up. It's so hard.  I am doing more of an incline pull-up by using a chair to rest my feet so I can at least begin to feel the muscles that one day will set me free from the earth.
Chest dips: mini chest dips and the hand hurts because of the thin chair support.
The rest of the exercises are going fine, which doesn't mean they are easy. One extra set makes a big difference. And the planks..... oh, the planks....


  1. Oh yes, Oooo the planks. Those HURT

  2. "Begin to feel the muscles that one day will set me free from the earth" <--I *love* the way you said that. Makes the pull-up process sound poetic!!

    And ooohhhh the planks. They are unforgiving. I'm with you there too!

    Hoping your knee heals swiftly.